The joys of feedback

As all good event managers will agree, feedback from your delegates is one of the most important things to gather when organising an event. It helps you work out what you are doing right, so you can keep on doing it right, and work out what could be improved for next time.

I have a love-hate relationship with feedback forms. It gives you the opportunity to feel slightly smug and give yourself a private pat on the back when you get nice comments and all the ‘Excellent’ boxes are ticked. Job well done. Chuffed.

It also gives you the opportunity to have a bloody good laugh at just how odd some of your delegates really are but also causes blood-boiling and ranting at how down right ignorant some of them can be. But we love them all: the odd-bods, ignoramuses and all, don’t we?! It’s what makes our job so colourful and gives us something to have a bitch about in the crew room more importantly.

I am starting a list of my all-time favourite comments from feedback forms which either leave you open-mouthed in disbelief, banging your head against a brick wall, or laughing so much you fall off your chair.  Here are just a few of my favourites that I have kept of note of, mainly because they just made me chuckle:

  • In answer to asking for suggestions for the next event: “don’t hold it on my birthday”
  • “I couldn’t bring my PC, otherwise I would have used the online services more” – they obviously didn’t think of bringing their laptop which would have been very easy! 🙂 haha, I know, I know..
  • “I thought the keynote was dreadful. ‘Me, me, me, I am so beautiful and generous’ “
  • “would have liked paper copies of slides during the conference” – what! when was the last conference you went to that gave you paper copies of every single speaker’s slides?! Excuse me whilst I go and chop a couple of trees down ready for the next event.Haven’t seen comment like that in a long time.
  • “The seats were just too comfortable.”
  • 2 comments from the same event proving you just need to accept you can never please everyone: ” far too much networking time – felt it was a waste of time..” and from a different delegate: “not enough tea and refreshment breaks”. Huh?!
  • “Don’t encourage people to bring laptops along. They are distracting (clicky keyboards)…”. Can you imagine putting in Joining Instructions, ‘please do not bring your laptops as they are off putting to other delegates’?! Might try it one time just to see how the majority of our crowd will react.
  • “References to Twitter were slightly annoying. There is a lot of trendy verbiage backing it up, but it’s still just passing notes in class for grown-ups. Should be called ‘Titter’ “. Love it – may favourite out of the lot so far.

These are only a few of those that I have made a note of recently, but there have been many more over the years. I would love to hear of any more that people have come across, so please post them up!


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