10 useful articles about Events 2.0

There has been a significant shift in the way events are organised in the last couple of years. The downturn in the economy, greater awareness of the environmental impact of events combined with the meteoric rise of social media mean that events as we once knew them are rapidly changing and event organisers have to be constantly on the ball to make sure events are meeting today’s delegates’ needs.

I have recently been reading some excellent blog posts (and furiously bookmarking!) by dedicated event organisers, who have kindly shared their expertise and experiences with the world.

I thought it would be useful to list 10 of my favourite posts, which provide either practical advice or serious food for thought. These posts, I hope, collectively form a useful guide to help the discerning event organiser keep abreast with some of the ways in which they can make sure their event is an ‘event 2.0’:

  1. Setting objectives before you select a site – some excellent advice from meetingsnet.com about setting the objectives for your event, before you do anything else.
  2. The ‘Wifi at Conferences’ Problem by Joel on Software, discussing every event managers worst nightmare! Join the discussion.
  3. Six elements of a virtual conference from meetings.net, tips on how to extend the physical meeting beyond the walls of the conference centre
  4. Pre-Event Community Building by Future Business, Robert Swanwick, some excellent ideas around how to build an interactive event community
  5. How to Make Your Event’s Social Network Easy to Join by Interactive Meeting Technology.
  6. How to Visualize twitter at events by EventManagerBlog
  7. Should you display the live twitter stream on a large screen? by Speaking about Presenting
  8. Use Twibbons to Promote Your Event on Twitter by Cvent, a unique way of harnessing Twitter to market your event
  9. 10 reasons you should collect speaker materials online by The Conference Handouts
  10. Hello Digital – Digital Disaster by Pesky People, a must read for every event planner, providing a stark insight into the world of a profoundly deaf delegate.

Happy Friday everyone and Happy Event Planning!


7 thoughts on “10 useful articles about Events 2.0

  1. What a great collection of blog posts! Thanks so much for including “Pre-event Community Building” among them. Great company.

    In addition to my own blog, I also write a column called “Event Bytes” for MPIweb. The next post is on “Twitterific Meetings” and the one after that is on Social Media benefits for registration. Next issue should be coming out soon http://www.mpiweb.org/Magazine

    • Hi Robert – glad you like the list! I hope to keep adding to it! Will be sure to check out your Event Bytes column!

  2. You might want to also check out this post from Robert Swanwick:
    (He’s actually how I found this posting)

    and almost anything from Jeff Hurt is bound to be extremely insightful!


    OmniPress also has some awesome materials, including a survey on social media usage for conferences from over 300 associations:


    Great list, thanks for sharing πŸ™‚
    Midori Connolly, Chief AVGirl
    Pulse Staging and Events, Inc.

    • Hi Midori, thanks for the recommendations, I do follow Jeff’s blog which is excellent. Glad you like my selection!

  3. So excited to see Cvent on here! I really enjoy blogging about social media events, especially when I can share how others in the industry are using it creatively.

    In addition to Twibbons, I really liked this Twitter Roll idea:

    and how to get your attendees to blog for you: http://blog.cvent.com/blog/cvent/0/0/event-promotion-tip-get-your-attendees-to-blog-for-you

    I look forward to looking though all these other posts!

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