Wifi woes…no more?

I was so overjoyed to read this article about the Millenium Broadway Hotel New York (although rather disappointed this hotel is on the other side of the pond and not on my doorstep….but hey) that I had to blog about it.

I can’t believe a hotel has actually got the message with the wifi at events issue and installed 45mbs of bandwidth for bedrooms and 45mbs for events, giving a whopping 90mbs of bandwidth! Wowzers! This means 1500 people can access the internet concurrently at the hotel. I think I need to sit down and just catch my breath a little, and pinch myself to make sure I’m not dreaming. Its finally starting to happen…

This seems to me an extremely smart business decision for a hotel, in an age when venues just seem to be operating on a different planet to the long-suffering event manager and extremely frustrated delegate. The Millenium Broadway will probably be beating event managers and venue finding agencies frothing at the mouth for availability, off with a stick.


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