Maximising your online event experience

Second part of a two part blog post I did on the JISC corporate blog on event amplification. This time focussing on how the delegates:

With just one week to go before the JISC11 conference in Liverpool, the final preparations are in full swing. We are working hard to ensure those of you planning to follow the conference online have as full and interactive an experience as possible.

For someone choosing to follow a conference remotely, it is rarely now a one-way communication channel. With the benefit of more sophisticated technology and social media, taking part in many conferences online can now be an immensely beneficial and interactive experience.

To help you get the most out of following JISC11 online, I have put together a list of suggestions. We realise we won’t be able to have your full attention for the whole day, with your workload and emails undoubtedly being a major cause of distraction! Nonetheless, I hope this list will help you ensure the time you do spend online with us next week is time well spent:


Read the full blog post here.


See part one on tips for event organisers on amplifying your event.


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