Behind the inspiration

I have been meaning to do this blog post for a while now, and with the main cause for my increased intake in wine of an evening over the last week –  the  JISC Conference 2011, around the corner it is long overdue.

I have had the pleasure of working with the unstoppable Hector Peebles to make the online experience for the JISC annual conference even better this year. I am a mix of emotions in anticipation of how its all going to turn out – excited and extremely anxious all at the same time. We  are always trying things out, taking risks and pushing ourselves.

What started as a few techies surreptitiously swapping digital notes on the ‘backchannel’ only a few years ago, has now become a mainstream part of many events – well in my world it has anyway. Not having an event hashtag for example, is as serious as forgetting to provide coffee!

Keeping up with delegates’ expectations certainly keeps you on your toes. Resting on your laurels is not an option as technology trends change so quickly. The best bit about being an event planner today is the abundance of amazingly talented event professionals who take the time to share their knowledge and experiences through social media. Event planners it seems to me are an extremely sharing, open and knowledge hungry bunch of people.

My ambition is to one day pull of a truly hybrid event. For me, one event has set the standard in terms of combining the physical and online elements of an event: Event Camp Twin Cities. Nearly all my ideas for JISc11 amplification have been inspired by this brilliant event. I owe a great deal to the founder of this event Samuel J Smith and his excellent blog – sharing his secrets to success.

I feel extremely lucky to have all this knowledge at my fingers tips. It is my constant source for inspiration and my heartfelt thanks goes out to all those amazing event professionals out there who love to share their experiences, ideas and know-how!


One thought on “Behind the inspiration

  1. Hi Grace,

    You are too kind to mention Event Camp Twin Cities and me. Ray and I had a blast putting together and designing Event Camp Twin Cities. We are delighted when we hear from you (or anyone) that they have found ideas at #ectc10 that they are going to implement in their own events.

    Good Luck with JISC! I am sure that it will be a hit!

    – Sam

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