The view from here

What a glorious day it was on Sunday, people seemed to be everywhere. It actually felt like Spring or even Summer was on the way. The winter hibernation was truly over. Pub beer garden benches were creaking under the weight of hoards of rosy cheeked beer quaffers warming their faces in the sunshine. You couldn’t help but smile and feel good.

We live in Bedminster and on a sunny Sunday morning we often like to take a walk across the park to Hotwells and along the waterfront. On a whim we decided to take a quick hike to the top of Cabot Tower on our way home – the first time since it was re-opened in August last year. It’s 32m high so nothing to get too knock-kneed about but the view was lovely on such a clear day. You really get a sense of perspective from up there. The picture isn’t great as it was taken on my rather old HTC phone, but you get the idea.

I love Bristol and days like Sunday remind me why.


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