Bespoke jade necklace

As promised in a previous post – here is a picture of the necklace I made for my Mum. This necklace got me started on my jewellery making journey. The stunning jade pendant is from a monastery in Singapore (according to my Mum) which she had for years but never got round to doing anything with. When I told her I was going on a jewellery making course she dug it out along with an old broken glass pearl necklace from the 1920s or 30s to see if I could do anything with them. I hung on to them for ages not really having the confidence whilst I honed my jewellery making skills – then one day I finally had inspiration for what to do with them. I added a few specially selected new beads and the result was the above. I had to shorten the length quite a bit to suit my Mum, but I am really chuffed with the finished piece. It is a one of a kind with a special story. Maybe one day it will come back to me and I’ll pass it on, so it eventually becomes a family heirloom. I think pieces that have a story behind them are that little bit more special. Jewellery can have a soul – I’m a firm believer of that. Do you have any jewellery pieces with a story behind them?


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