About Me

Hi, my name is Grace Owen and welcome to my blog. I’m a Lincolnshire lass but now call Bristol my home. This blog marks a new stage in my life as it is the first domain name I have ever owned! Previously I was blogging mainly about events, technology and social media under the blog ‘Eventastic’ – which has now been laid to rest. Events is still something that floats my boat but I wanted a blog which allowed me to ramble on about lots of things. So here it is – a load of nonsense. You’ll find out what I worry about, what gets me hopping mad, what excites me, what makes me cry and what makes me laugh out loud. And probably a load of other stuff as well that I haven’t yet thought of.

When I’m not trying to cram as much knowledge into my head about the ever changing digital world, you can find me cooking up a storm in the kitchen, curling up with a good book (on my Kindle of course!) or enjoying a glass of wine and a movie from the comfort of my own sofa. As you may have already guessed I’m also partial to a bit of jewellery making in my spare time. When I’m feeling energetic you may be able to spot me heading down to Devon or Cornwall with my surfing hubbie for a spot of camping, at the back of a Zumba class shaking my thing, or doing a few Sun Salutations.


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